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Steel Source Construction

About Us

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Steel Source Construction is the sole source manufacturer of the patented MX Water Quality Sampling and  Monitoring Stations.

Constructed from EXTRA THICK GAGE STAINLESS STEEL, we manufacture a serious heavy- duty housing which we call (and you will too) your FOREVER EQUIPMENT.    

Bonus: Steel Source Construction is a CERTIFIED firm and can be verified at  www.cpuc.ca.gov .

Innovation and Progression 

Incorporating a certain analyzing equipment system into our NDMX model, a leading, well known municipality throughout the nation, is claiming this “performance measurement” regarding our latest Water Quality Sampling and Monitoring Station, the NDMX model:
    1. Enhances monitoring capabilities at distribution sample points from weekly to continuous
    1. $2,000 per week ($104,000 per year) estimated cost savings for daily monitoring at each site
  1. Ergonomic Station provides main connection for routine water sampling, in a sheltered, sealed and secure environment, as well as connection to and a installation solution for analyzing equipment.

MX Water Quality Sampling Station

NDMX Model

Spend Equity Dollars

Certified by the California Public Utilities Commission.

Recent News

Our newest patented  Water Quality and Monitoring Station, the NDMX.

Nominated for an innovative product award in 2017!

See our NDMX station with continuous monitoring equipment
and standard sample tap for routine field sampling.