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Steel Source Construction

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The MX Water Quality Sampling Station and Monitoring Station: A proven design.

Invest in your district owned, long life, a heavy- duty, 100% stainless steel housing & plumbing, turn key solution.

Protect all with safety heights of 46” and a highly sheltered environment in which to sample.

Best in Class regarding quality, safety, ergonomics, functionality, life-cycle and aesthetics.

Lends to lower false positives; speed collection times, and reduces liability concerns. A sealed and secure housing encases specially designed tube set and hardware which ties into a point directly from the water main.

Operators open unit, run water, capture and acquire water sample. Powder coated
exterior and interior optional.
MX Samplers and its state of the art design, aids to reduce environmental contaminates coming from factors either surrounding the sample and or the mere act of sampling.

Body and internals are NSF/ANSI 61 approved/ conforming.

Provides 24/7 access via a designated district owned water sampling station from which to draw water from the main line.

Featured in California Water Service COMPANY (U-60-W) 2015 Annual Report